Stones on the sea wall

Stones on the sea wall

I was reading in “Messengers in Stone” about how cairns are used to mark the site of an event, traditionally some kind of tragedy like a death. It occurred to me that it might also be nice to use cairns to mark other kinds of events, perhaps more cheerful ones. The location where you met your future spouse, for example, or a place you frequented as a child. This small cairn, built in one go during my time in Britain, marks a more whimsical event (and yet one that is also worth commemorating, I feel): This was the spot where friends and I saw a man walking along the sea wall playing the bagpipes in the wee hours of the morning, after a night of festivities in the village. A trivial occurrence perhaps, and yet one that contributed to my sense of place. And that, after all, is what I am aiming at with my cairn building.


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