Marking the spots of daily life

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My good friend T., who is based in Santa Cruz, California, was kind enough to send me these photos featuring a stone I gave her during her recent visit to Europe. This is what she wrote to me in an email:

Yesterday I went walking around SC, looking to construct a cairn in my immediate urban environment. I found myself thinking about “marking” a spot that was important to me, that had meaning in my daily life, and the three immediate places that I came across weren’t really suitable to cairn building, so what I did instead was “mark” them with the stone that you gave me (…).  I then picked up the stone and carried it on with me.  It’s on my desk now, and I’ll use it to build a more permanent cairn when I’ve found the right place. In the meantime, these are the things/places that have importance to my daily life, and which I paused and felt grateful for, using the little stone:
– Coffee shop where I go to work, relax, and socialize
– Newspaper vending machine — I’m grateful to have a source of local information
– USPS — despite its troubles, I am grateful to have postal service, to be able to send and receive information the old-fashioned way with all my friends and family around the world.  Connections — what would we be without them?
Thank you, T., for sharing your thoughts and your photos!

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