Cheap at twice the price


This work in the “Notices” series is inspired by the signs one often sees in Berlin (and presumably elsewhere) offering to buy, for example, old and/or broken electrical items. The phrase “Sofort Bargeld” (which loosely translates as “instant cash”) has always appealed to me.

(For the benefit of non-German speakers, the author of the notice is offering to buy artworks by the artists listed — “new or used, even if defective” – and offering “best prices”.)


2 thoughts on “Cheap at twice the price

  1. Thanks again for your comment today… I really see a similarity between your “Notices” and my “Lost Puppy”. Maybe it’s the zeitgeist. You’re doing great work– keep it up. By the way– BESTE PREISE!!– hilarious .

    1. Dear DAEZLE,
      Thanks so much for the compliments, that is very nice of you. Glad that someone understands my sense of humour! I also noticed the similarity to your “Lost Puppy” piece, which I liked a lot! Thanks for the support, I also wish you all the best for your blogging efforts!

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